The inspiration to create the SO PERF brand came from our son – Daniel. We were determined to boost his immune system and set him up for a lifetime of good health.

We spoke to many top nutritionists, doctors and did countless hours of research to better understand what we were dealing with. A top child nutritionist advised that Daniel had all the symptoms of “leaky gut,” resulting from bad flora. Turns out, if you have too many bad bacteria in your gut, it can lead to an imbalance, which can in turn cause other health problems and even result in serious illnesses. A healthy gut is a prerequisite for good overall health, a strong immune system, general wellbeing, and efficient metabolism.

We were fascinated to find that “leaky gut”, as well as many other gut related illnesses, are on a rise in children and adults as well. “Leaky gut” is considered to be a core reason why children develop allergies, food intolerances, skin rashes (including eczema, acne and rosacea), a poor immune system, early onset autoimmune conditions, migraines, asthma, adrenal issues (tired and wired), depression, anxiety, neuro-developmental issues (Autism and ADHD) as well as behavioural challenges such as naughty or anxious kids and learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

We were advised by a top nutritionist, in order to support Daniel, to switch to a gluten-free diet and to avoid and swap out refined sugary products for homemade alternatives with plenty of pre and probiotics. Probiotics add back some of the good bacteria we may be lacking. Prebiotics feed and strengthen the good bacteria that are already in your gut and allow them to grow and flourish. Thus, creating a healthier and stronger gut and immune system.

Gradually, week after week, we saw drastic improvements in Daniel’s immune system and overall health. Today not only is his immune system super strong, but he is thriving.


During this process of helping our son to overcome his issues with gut flora, weak immune system, tummy pains, constipation, irritated stomach, lack of sleep and mood swings, we noticed and understood there are millions of other adults and children suffering as a consequence of the imbalance in their gut, not knowing what to do about it. We set off on a mission to drive awareness and to support other people and parents who are dealing with similar health issues. On this mission, and to achieve our goal, we started developing the highest quality cold pressed pre & probiotic bars, juices and smoothies possible, packed with superfoods and nutrient dense ingredients. We look forward to sharing this exciting and important journey with you. 


At SO PERF, we push boundaries to produce the freshest, highest quality, most nutritious and delicious bars and juices. We’ve partnered with some of the leading nutritionists to work on recipes that are packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and superfoods. Our ever-growing product range are completely free from all the nasties; palm oil, GMOs, soy, and added sugars.

Specially made for you and your kids, so every possible nutritional need is carefully considered, and every ingredient hand-picked to support your gut, immune system, microbiome health system, brain function, mental performance, and energy!

Health Yourself with SO PERF