Phytochemicals are simply plant chemicals. They also have been referred to as Vitamin P. These are all the benefits of plant foods that you get, on top of protein, vitamins and minerals. Different coloured foods will contain different phytochemicals and healing properties that support healing, skin health, eye health, heart health, cell protection, etc. They have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. They support cognition, hormonal balance, liver and brain health.

For example:
Red foods contain lycopene, anthocyanin, astaxanthin, quercetin 
Yellow foods contain lutein, rutin and zeaxanthin
Orange foods contain carotenes, curcuminoids and naringins 
Green foods contain catechins, chlorophyll, folates, phenols, isoflavones 
Blue & Purple foods contain many compounds. Two of the better known ones are resveratrol and anthocyanidins.

SO PERF cold pressed juices and bars are colourful and contain a variety of plant chemicals that work synergistically to keep you healthy, happy and refreshed.