A healthy gut is a prerequisite for good overall health and functioning of the body, a strong immune system, general wellbeing, and efficient metabolism to stimulate the burning of fat.

Imbalances in your gut ecology, where you have too many bad bacteria, can cause other health problems and potentially bigger issues too. There are over 100 illnesses that are believed to be linked to an imbalance of the gut flora. These are gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases, mood swings, mental health disorders and behavioural problems, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cold, flu, pneumonia, liver diseases, cirrhosis and liver cancer, eczema, acne, chronic fatigue syndrome, food allergies, wheat allergies, and obesity, to name but a few. 

Probiotics add back some of the good bacteria we may be lacking. Knowing that these microbes have such a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, it is essential that we do what we can to support a good balance.

SO PERF cold pressed bars contain probiotics which are spore forming. Most probiotics are transient, which means they enter the gut and hang around for 5 – 7 days but then they leave. SO PERF products use spore-based probiotics which start to create spores that take residence in your gut – they don’t leave and are like seeds that start to grow in your gut, becoming part of your gut ecosystem and allowing for a healthier and stronger gut and immune system.

SO PERF bars are also loaded with fibre which feeds our microbes, known as prebiotics. Prebiotics are important because they feed the good bacteria that are already in your gut and allow them to grow and flourish. The more bacteria we can feed the better we can support our gut and immune health.