We are proud to say that we produce the freshest, most high-quality bars possible with that homemade quality. We never, ever heat up any of our Ingredients, our bars are Cold Pressed, which means the natural goodness and nutrition of the ingredients are not lost or damaged by baking temperatures.

We’ve partnered with a delightful, family-run production facility with a passionate team who have worked tirelessly to move boundaries in order create the freshest possible products for us. Together we naturally source raw, farm-fresh produce directly from nature. As an example, for our bars, we source 100% unadulterated strawberries, no preservatives, no added sugars and no concentrates, unlike many other strawberry-flavoured bars. This enables very high nutritional values to be present in the final product, whilst maintaining a stable product structure. The cost to produce these bars is close to what some other bars already retail at, which further highlights the quality of our ingredients and the freshness of the final product. We’ve often wondered why we made our bars as good as they are, given the expense. The answer is that we just could not dilute the quality or use cheap ingredients, we want our children to eat the freshest products possible. Other people and their children are no different, so we refused to compromise on quality, taste and nutrition.

Enjoy the Real