Our Way

We strive to produce the highest quality products possible. Through constant quality control and monitoring, we make sure that every bar and juice produced under the SO PERF brand meets the highest standards of excellence in taste, quality, and nutrition

We naturally source raw, farm-fresh, premium plant-based ingredients directly from nature from all around the world and our suppliers adhere to the highest ethical codes. We have a robust quality assurance procedure in place, wherein every ingredient, recipe, production method and eventual product meets our criteria of excellence so that when you buy our products, you don’t just buy a juice or a bar, you buy the assurance that everything has been done to ensure its quality and freshness.

Every ingredient in our Cold Pressed Prebiotic & Probiotic bars has been hand-picked to support your gut, immune and microbiome health. Our bars are loaded with real, high quality fruits, nuts, seeds, raw cacao and probiotics as well as superfood ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to boost your gut, immune system, mental performance, brain function and energy! Since juicing at home can be a messy experience at the best of times, we have created delicious blends of cold-pressed juices with that homemade quality. You have to try it to believe it.  

With our delicious blend of superfood and antioxidant-packed, nutrient-filled, plant-based products, it’s never been easier or tastier to get your daily dose of nutrition with that homemade quality. 

Enjoy the Real