Family Pack

Family Pack

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Cold Pressed Juice 2x Raw Pomegranate, 2x Raw Coconut, 2x Raw grapefruit, 2x Raw Orange, 2x Raw Apple
Pre + Probiotic Bars 2x Peruvian Cacao & Almonds, 2x Wild Berries & Cashews
Pre + Probiotic Bars Kids 2x Peruvian Cacao & Coconut, 2x Wild Berries & Cashews
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    A box loaded with all the good stuff!

    Cold Pressed Peruvian Cacao + Almonds and Wild Berries + Cashews. Packed with real, high quality fruits, nuts, seeds, prebiotics and probiotics as well as fibre, antioxidants and superfood ingredients. Every ingredient has been hand-picked to support your gut, immune system, microbiome health system, mental performance, and energy!

    Kids’ nutritious and delicious mix pack of Cold Pressed Wild Berries + Cashews and Peruvian Cacao + Coconuts. Packed also with real, high quality fruits, nuts, seeds, prebiotics and probiotics as well as fibre, antioxidants and superfood ingredients that help support your kids’ development. Every ingredient has been hand-picked to support children’s gut, immune and microbiome health. Suitable for kids 18 months and above. Ultimately, it’s up to each parent.

    The whole range of our raw and cold pressed juices. Juicing at home can be a messy experience at the best of times. We have created super delicious superfood and antioxidant packed, nutrient filled, plant-based blends of cold-pressed raw juices with that homemade quality. You have to try them to believe it.

    P.S. Our juices are so raw that they can separate in the bottle, that’s totally natural and a sign of freshness. Shake, open and enjoy!

  • Superfood ingredients

    We naturally source raw, farm-fresh, premium plant-based ingredients imaginable. The cost to produce our cold pressed bars and juices are close to what some bars and juices already retail at, which further highlights the quality of our ingredients and the freshness of the final product. We’ve often wondered why we made our products as good as they are, given the expense. The answer is that we just could not dilute the quality or use cheap ingredients, we want our children to eat and drink the freshest products possible. Other people and their children are no different, so we refused to compromise on quality, taste and nutrition.

    Enjoy the Real !

  • How its made

    We are proud to say that we produce the freshest, most high-quality bars and juices possible with that homemade quality. We never, ever heat up any of our Ingredients, all our products are Cold Pressed, which means the natural goodness and nutrition of the ingredients are not lost or damaged by baking temperatures.

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