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Cold Pressed Prebiotic + Probiotic Bars

Packed with superfoods, antioxidants, nutrients, fibre, protein and omega 3. With high quality fruits, nuts, seeds pre and probiotics. Hand-picked to support your gut, immune system, microbiome health, brain function and energy! Nutritious + Delicious

Cold Pressed Juices

Juicing at home can be a messy experience at the best of times. We have created super delicious superfood and antioxidant packed, nutrient filled, plant-based blends of cold-pressed raw juices with that homemade quality. You have to try them to believe it. Shake, open and enjoy!

Package Offers

Health yourself with SO PERF mixed boxes and packages loaded with premium Cold Pressed pre + probiotic bars and raw juices and Packed with superfood and antioxidant ingredients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to boost your gut health, immune system, mental performance, and energy!